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While in Atlanta, we came across some wonderful speedlite modifiers from Magnetmod, LLC. We’ve been experimenting with them for a few days now, so here’s some initial impressions. Fair warning: this post is an affiliate post, so there will be a link or three should you decide you might want to add this enjoyable gear to your own camera bag.

Magmod Snoot AttachThe core product is called the MagMod “Basic Kit,” and while we’ll save reviews of that for a later post, it’s good to mention it because it’s actually a part of everything else the company makes. The kit system uses rare earth magnets to make easily attachable modifiers for your speedlite. By first sliding the rubber sleeve over a speedlite, you can then easily attach and detach any of the accessories (that in itself we thought was pretty innovative). Just one word of caution: rare earth magnets are very powerful, so keep them away from any magnetic media such as hard drives.

The main attraction for this review is an attachment called the Magsnoot, an easily collapsible rubber snoot that allows some fine control over light arcs on your subject. Shown below is a table comparing various results throughout the snoot’s range of settings. NOTE: For this experiment, we set our speedlite at its TTL setting. The camera was mounted on a tripod with wireless shutter release and flash trigger. Exposure was at ISO 100, f/4.5, 1/4 (deliberately underexposed for the ambient light).

Setting Result
 40 DegreesMagmod Snoot 40 Degrees Buddha Head 40 Degrees

Fully collapsed, the snoot provides very even lighting.

 20 Degrees

Magmod Snoot 20 Degrees

Buddha Head 20 DegreesOne section is extended at this point, and the background is muted in favor of the subject itself.
 15 Degrees

Magmod Snoot 15 Degrees

Buddha Head 15 DegreesWith two sections deployed, the spotlight effect becomes evident.
 10 Degrees

Magmod Snoot 10 Degrees

Buddha Head 10 Degrees

At full extension, the snoot admits light which is very concentrated.

We’ve tried several snoots before, including some “universal” models (usually involving velcro adjustments). But given the versatility of this particular modifier, we fully intend to feature it in many photo shoots to come. In short, we highly recommend it!

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