ImagingUSA Steampunk Model

Lighting technique workshops, business lectures, awesome gear and…

Steampunk models? Yup, they’re all here. And we’re experiencing it!

Expo FloorImagingUSA 2016 is happening while I type this. And as we enter into the final day of the conference, JoDee and I are already amazed by what we’ve learned. As a result, The Twilit Lens is about to enter a whole new phase of its life. So you’ve heard it here first. ;)

We’ve got some information overload, of course. What with the endless note taking, business discussions and running from one end of the expo floor to the other, our brains are full to overflowing. But let’s see if I can outline a few high-level things.

FCanon Displayirst there’s the expo itself. I acquired some nice gear there (which I’ll be analyzing and blogging about very soon)! Canon is at the expo along with the likes of Tamron, Sigma, Bay Photo, Spider, and a hundred more. Gear, studio management software, digital labs, and even photographers’ insurance companies are all represented. And I’m happy to say my dear wife and assistant JoDee joined PPA at their booth. Awesome! 😀

Amy Purdy Book SigningThen there’s the classes. Portraiture workshops, business models, marketing methods, and an inspirational keynote speech by model, philanthropist and best-selling author Amy Purdy round out this amazing event. Good thing I brought along a notebook, because we’ll be digesting the concepts for quite a while.

Oh, and on Sunday night there was a delicious catered dinner with a live jazz band and professional models ready to pose. That’s where I captured the fine fellow at the top of this post. Talk about a guy with a flair for the dramatic! I confess I grinned like an idiot after I got that shot.

Well, it’s time to sign off once again. But I’ll be learning even more on day three. See you soon. 😉

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