Inviso Bedroom Architectural Shot

As I write this, I am very excited! I have the possibility of gaining a new client for real estate and architectural photography. And I wanted to share not just the test shot above (shown with attributions and permission from the client) but also take the opportunity to share some tips for making your very own real estate photographs.

Architectural photography is used mostly for advertisement purposes, so accuracy is necessary. This is not so much art as it is marketing. However, some artistic license can help here. So below are 3 basic tips. By no means comprehensive, this list should still give you a head start.

  1. Be sure to use a tripod: once again, the photographer’s best friend for getting stable and level shots.
  2. Place your camera at a height that shows enough detail to be intimate without being too high and therefore unrealistic (here is where the artist’s judgment comes in).
  3. Attach a wide angle lens for a more panoramic shot. And remember your camera’s crop factor, if it has one; this will affect the actual focal length and thus your field of view.

Gothic Footer

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