3 Ways to Make Sure Your Shot Is Not Cruddy

In going through my old blog posts recently, I was shocked I’d never shared this little gem before. It appears to be a stone image of a Catholic saint or priest, and I found it on a Vermont goat farm of all places.

Speaking of old things, in the process of reviewing my old photos I was reminded of something: how my photos used to look way back when. And I see how far I’ve come since I decided to get serious about my shots. Trust me, I’ve got some real groaners in my past. Ugh… 😀

Moving right along…

I’ve mentioned before that great gear doesn’t necessarily make a great shooter. So how exactly do you get your photos to a point where they look like more than mere snapshots? Here are three quick tips…

Shooting Time

  1. Avoid camera shake. If your camera is quivering in your hands even a little, there is the possibility your image may look blurry. Two rules of thumb can defeat this. First, any shutter speed slower than 1/60 of a second is too slow for most humans to hold still. Try a higher speed if you need to handhold your camera. Second, if you can’t hold still or really need a slower shutter speed, mount your camera on a tripod.
  2. Set an appropriate white balance. This setting will make sure your whites look white and not blue or orange. If you shoot in JPEG format, use a white card or your camera’s white balance options to get the right set of colors. Alternately, you can shoot in RAW format and fix any incorrect white balance settings in post production.
  3. Get proper exposure. Not too to much light or darkness in the shot is the essence of exposure. Learn the holy photo triangle of ISO-aperture-shutter speed to get exposure just right. A little knowledge of histograms helps too.

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