Can it truly be called a portrait if it isn’t an actual human your photographing? Interesting philosophical question…

One more shot from my recent trip to Washington D.C. Though it may not look it, this was a challenging shot. Not because of the angle or the lighting. Actually, let me take that back: it was ALL about the lighting! Lots of tourists at the site meant lots of cell phone and point-and-shoot flashes going. I was the only one with a tripod in the place. 😀

Normally I don’t like the shoot-and-burn method of taking as many pictures as possible and hoping that your sheer volume of shots will yield something great. But in this case, it actually worked. After setting up the composition and exposure settings, I auto bracketed to make sure I got the full dynamic range. Then it was just a matter of taking the shot over and over until I got exposures without so much flash going off.

TipOfTheDayTip of the Day: AEB

AEB, or “Auto Exposure Bracketing” is a great tool for HDR enthusiasts and also a technique for getting the perfect exposure if you’re unsure. Accessible through your camera’s menu or often through the info screen, AEB allows the camera to take a series of shots with different shutter speeds. You supply the range of stops, the camera does the rest.
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