Dungeon Corridor

JoDee and I visited Fort Popham in Phippsburg this past week. This old ruin is truly amazing to visit. The interior actually reminded me of the underground catacombs in Fresno, and I thought back to Tolkien’s underground dwarf kingdoms. I wanted to recreate an image I had in my head of a dungeon corridor, but since this wasn’t exactly an underground setting it was necessary to create a small illusion.

I set my camera on a tripod and deliberately underexposed the ambient light. Then I had JoDee take four separate shots while I walked to four different pillars and held a speedlight that the camera triggered wirelessly.

Photoshop was used to stitch all four images together via layering and removing my own presence with the clone stamp tool.

Exposure Data: ISO 100, f/22, 1”

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Written by The Twilit Lens

Freelance photographer and ponderer of the unusual. I welcome the presence of mystery and the unknown. Wonder is not absent from the universe, and there is still room for the child in those who haven't yet allowed their hearts to wither to dust.


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