From Russia with... Photos! - A Lomography Tribute

Ever wonder what that “Lomo-ish” filter was in Picasa or that Lomo series in Topaz’ excellent Photoshop add-on? And what’s up with all those vignetted photos that look like they were taken with old film?

The answer lies in the former Soviet Union! Back in the 1980s, one of their state-run optics groups, LOMO PLC, developed a film camera that has become famous for its combination of vignetting, soft focus, and deep color saturation. The love of the images this camera and its relatives have produced has spawned a group of devoted online fans.

I decided to bring this look to a photo for your enjoyment. It reminds me of those haunting pictures of deserted Chernobyl streets.

Written by The Twilit Lens

Freelance photographer and ponderer of the unusual. I welcome the presence of mystery and the unknown. Wonder is not absent from the universe, and there is still room for the child in those who haven't yet allowed their hearts to wither to dust.

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