Finding Emotion Behind the Lens - How a Tiny Camera can get Big Shots

Once again I found myself wandering amid a farmers market. Always new faces, new stories from which to glimpse a frozen slice. Happiness, frustration, boredom, hurry, gaiety and abandon: from shopper and vendor alike, the blinking eye and snapping shutter by turns can only hope to grab the tiniest part of it.

But the lowly point-and-shoot, my choice for street photography because of its unobtrusiveness, can be the tool to get surprising shots. I fit mine with a flip down mirror that enables me to shoot at chest level or lower. In addition, I use a p&s model that allows for manual exposure and focusing, the latter of which allows for more rapid capture because the camera doesn’t need to waste time focusing and thus increasing the chances of losing the moment.

Once I get home and peer at my photographs on the laptop, rejecting most out of professional nit-pickiness and saving the precious few, memories are stirred and power emerges. I wonder what those people I glimpsed are like each day, what their dreams are, what makes them happy or sad. I dare to pay tribute to the unknown but loved stranger. And I hope the reader will dream along with me…

Hyper Smash

Written by The Twilit Lens

Freelance photographer and ponderer of the unusual. I welcome the presence of mystery and the unknown. Wonder is not absent from the universe, and there is still room for the child in those who haven't yet allowed their hearts to wither to dust.

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